The first read through for the Doctor Who 50th Special took place today.



The first read through for the Doctor Who 50th Special took place today.


Christmas Nails!


Top: Snowman Nails, Bottom: Candy Cane Nails

Candy Cane Nails

Again, start with a clear base coat.

Then I used a pale, mint green as a base colour, but other colours would work too, I’d just recommend to stick with paler colour as they will show the white and red of the candy canes up better.

After that has dried, on the index and ring fingers of each hand I used a dotting tool to create a white candy cane shape. I did this by creating a series of dots really close together, this allows the shape to be thick enough to put the stripes on and reduces the chance of making a mistake if the dots are done slowly.

Once this is dry (again I mean REALLY dry!), I put four red dots on each candy cane, spaced apart to create the illusion of stripes.

And that’s how to do candy cane nails :)

NB. if you don’t have dotting tools, you can use a toothpick. Dotting tools just allow you to vary the size of the dot (particularly useful for the snowmen) and, personally, I find them easier to use. Plus, they aren’t very expensive to buy off Amazon and can be used over and over again! :)

Also, you could put snowmen/candy canes on as many nails as you like, the choice is yours!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Nails!

As it’s so very nearly Christmas (yay!!) here are a couple of Christmas nail designs! :)


Top: Snowman Nails, Bottom: Candy Cane Nails

Snowman Nails

First, a clear base coat!

Then a pale blue base colour :)

Once that is dry use a large dotting tool to create a snowman shape on the middle finger by putting two dots, one above the other.

As that is drying, use a smaller dotting tool to put dots on the other nails and around the snowmen to resemble snow.

Once the snowmen shapes are dry (and I mean really dry! They will take longer to dry than a normal layer of nail varnish as they are thicker. And if they are no properly dry, slightly too much pressure with the dotting tool while doing the details will ruin the nails!), use the smallest dotting tool you have to put black dots for the eyes and buttons on each snowman, then use it to put an orange dot for a nose.

And there you have Snowman Nails! :)

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“Proof” updated version.


I am both scared and excited


Or the Utah Cave Painting resembling the TARDIS~

let me repost this again

Not to mention the fact Mars is full of water.

Ladies and gentlemen, Gallifrey

Remember those things the Master had? So:

Crack in time?


So now I’m just gonna sit down and wait.

i just nearly fell down the stairs running to tell my dad that the doctor is real and that the internet has proof… 

let’s not forget about this painting that has been made in 1959.It looks like Amy and Rory who actually lived somewhere around that time

And what about the REAL LIFE VERSION OF THIS TUMBLR POST that showed up on the DOCTOR WHO TUMBLR in REAL LIFE before we even posted it here to the Doctor Who Tumblr!



Hello again!

Next up is my daisy design! I quite like this design, and am rather proud of my execution of it! Hehe :) I have them on my nails at the moment but they are getting chipped and messy now which I’m a bit sad about, but I guess it means that over the next few days I’ll get to do another design to put up! :)

Anyway, here is my daisy design:

First up, a clear basecoat!
Then, I did a base colour of ‘Black’.

Once that was dry, I used a toothpick to put a yellow (‘Lemon Ice Cream’) dot in the middle of both middle fingers.
Next, I used a toothpick again to put six white (‘Matt White’) dots around the yellow one for petals.
Finally, I used a toothpick once again to create a green (‘Spring Green’) line for the stalk.

And that is my daisy design! Yay! Obviously, the base/background colour does not have to neccessarily be black, but I like the contrast of it from the white and yellow. And the daisy does not have to be on the middle finger, or you could have more than one daisy on each hand, but I was afraid it would start to look cluttered.

So, there you have it, until next time!

Sponge Effect

Now, I really should have posted this a couple of weeks ago! Sorry! :S But the good side effect of this is that I’ll post two in a row! Haha

So… this post is my sponge effect:

Top: Colours I used, Middle: The final look, Bottom: How I created this effect.

So Step One, as always a basecoat!
Then I did a base colour of the lighter blue (‘Blueberry Icecream).

Next, I dabbed a small amount of nail varnish of each colour (Blueberry Icecrem and Navy) very close to each other on a sheet of paper (paper is better than tissue, as on tissue the varnish will leak through and stain the surface you are working on!). I then used a toothpick to blend the colours together slightly where they joined.

I used this by dabbing a small cut of sponge (allowing more control) on it, and then placing the sponge on my nail to create the effect.

This is effect creates a bit of mess around the nails so it is probably worth using a cotton bud with nail varnish remover on to clear up the skin around the nail.

I realise this isn’t the greatest explained method, so i apologise, hopefully you can understand what I mean and if I think of a better way to explain I’ll edit this! Haha!

I also have to admit, this isn’t my favourite effect; it’s a bit messy and the results can be varied. Though I’m not going to write it off completely, I will probably try it again, though maybe with different colours, maybe ones that haven’t such a big contrast and will report back!

And there we have it! I very different, quite poorly explained, sponge effect design! Enjoy!


Mario Mushrooms!

As promised another design! Again, I used my sister’s nails as a canvas, so thank you very much to her hehe :)

Top and middle: mushroom nails, bottom: colours and impliments used.

So again, start with a basecoat.

Then, I painted a red circle on each nail, this circle needs to cover about half the nail from the tip.

After that had dried I painted the bottom half of the circle white.

On the part of the nail that is still red, I painted white dots, in varying sizes with a toothpick.

Once the white varnish had dried I painted two black lines for eyes on each nail. I found this really easy to do with the end of a bobby pin.

And then I was done! Yay! This is quite a time consuming, fiddly design - you have to wait for each layer and component to dry before carrying on and before I put the white dots of I must admit I was terrified they weren’t very good and just going to end up worse but once finished, they look really cool! Haha

Also, rather than red, you could use green, for the ‘1up’ mushrooms - I was going to alternate and then forgot - oops! Maybe I’ll try that next time to see how it looks, until then bloggers!

Just to note, I got inspiration for this design from an app called ‘nail design’. Although they only did one nail with a mushroom on. But they have some really cool designs and there’s lots that I’m gonna try from it - Check it out if you can!


So this is a design I did just under a month ago on my sister’s nails; strawberries! Yummy :D hehe

I know they aren’t the best pictures but it shows the gist of the idea.

Firstly I applied a base coat.

Then, I applied a base colour of ‘bright red’.

Once this had dried I painting the tips of her nails in ‘spring green’ but only a very thin line of this.

Afterwards, on the red base colour I added black dots using a toothpick to create the seeds!

And volia! Strawberries! :D

The dots, I have to admit were a little dodgy in some places but I find a toothpick to do dots a little hard but I have just ordered some dotting tools so I should have them by next week yay! (I couldn’t wait til Christmas, and as they are really cheap off amazon, I thought I may as well :P haha).

So there’s my strawberry design and in a couple of mins I will be posting another, slightly food related design! Exciting! hehe

See you in a minute :)

Green with Flowers

So, my first official post of a nail design!

On the left: my left hand, top right: my right hand, bottom right: the colours I used.

First I applied a base coat (it helps the main colour go on evenly and stops your nails from staining)

They I applied two coats of ‘spring green’ (the colour’s a little bit hard to see in the picture sorry :S) to all nails.

After that had dried I used a toothpick to put four small strokes of ‘pink flamingo’ colour on the top of each index finger to create the flowers.

I know the flower on my right hand is a bit dodgy, but I was trying to do it with my left hand (and I’m right handed) so I was a bit wobbly, my hope is that with practise my left hand will get a bit better with it’s motor skills! haha!

And so, that is my first, if simple, nail design! I’m quite proud :) - particularly of the nails on the left hand! Haha.

Laters bloggers :)